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Open Education Leadership 2018, Paris, France

The Open Education Leadership Summit 2018 on 3-4 December 2018 in Paris, hosted by Le Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (CNAM).

I took part in the Summit as Chair and Ambassador of the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee.  Several of us from the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee participated, and some of us traveled further to OEB18 Shaping the Future to present a Symposium on Roadmaps for Open Education Leadership.

The Open Education Leadership Summit 2018 was organized in collaboration with International Council for Open and Distance Education, ICDE, Open Education Consortium, OEC and the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MESR).

Over 200 delegates (mainly leaders and senior managers) from all over the globe were represented from over 55 countries during two days. The topics were on:

Setting the scene: How Open Education unveils in different regions of the world, leadership approaches.
The Open Education leadership challenges: Policy, Quality, Digitalization, Transformation and Sustaining educational offerings.
Open Education strategies for break through achievements, designing a roadmap.
How can collaboration increase impact from Open Education?
Leading Open Education - Best practice cases.
Open Education as a catalyst for innovation.
Students voice for open education.
I want to start up Open Education, what are the pathways and stepping stones.
The collaborative roadmap for achieving more. 

The UN SDG, especially the SDG4 was the foundation for the Roadmaps. SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Even the Cape Town Declaration 10, and the Ten Directions to Move Open Education Forward served as the foundation for the work. The Cape Town Open Education Declaration was published on January 22, 2008, sparking a global call to action that has grown into the vibrant open education movement that exists today. In honor of the ten year anniversary, we took a look back at the last decade and identified ten key directions to move open education forward.

The conference was interactive and collaborative and the delegates worked on roadmaps. As part of the road mapping exercise to take place over this the two-day Open Education Leadership Summit, Programme Committee Member, Paul Stacey, Executive Director, Open Education Consortium has recorded a series of short Roadmap Facilitator Guide videos explaining the roadmap creation process.

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