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I am an independent expert, and researcher, in the fields of open, online, flexible, technology enabled/enhanced learning (OOFAT) including e-learning, blended, and hybrid learning as well as MOOCs and OER, specialist on quality.

Main research areas and consultancy focus

  • The use of technologies for learning, including Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), new approaches to designing for learning, e-pedagogies, and social media:
    1. Quality and strategic issues: e-learning, online, open and distance learning, distance learning, Open Educational Resources (OER), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
    2. Mobile and rhizomatic learning
    3. Blended and hybrid learning
    4. Comptence based learning
    5. Strategic trend reviewer and analyzes
    6. Learning analytics
    7. Open learning cultures
    8. Innovative learning spaces
    9. Digitalization
    10. Agile leadership in a digital time

Organizations I collaborate with


  • I am Vice President for the Swedish Association for Distance Education/SVERD/SADE, as well as for the Swedish Association for e-Competence/REK.

  • I hold a PhD from Oulu University, Finland, with my dissertation on international benchmarking, and quality enhancement on e-learning in Higher Education.
  • I serve as executive board member in EDEN, where I was awarded EDEN Fellowship in 2014. I am also in EDEN NAP. I am responsible for the newly lauched special EDEN interest Group on Technology enabled/enhanced learning and quality enhancement (EDEN SIG TEL QE.). I serve as ISO representant for EDEN as well.

  • I serve as a quality reviewer for ICDE and work in close collaboration with EADTU on benchmarking and quality, where I am reviewer for Excellence and OpenupEd (MOOCs). I previously served for EFQUEL and their quality reviews UNIQUe and ECB Check, Quality improvement scheme for e-learning programs. I was one of the founders and reviewers for LANETO eV EPPROBATE e-learning quality grid. I am frequently asked as expert and quality reviewer for universities, schools and organisations.

  • I am the Swedish contact node, for Campus NooA. I also collaborate with EdTech Sweden, and EdTech Industry.

  • I work with the Swedish Standard Institute (SIS) on quality related matters and standards on quality, which also is related to ISO.

  • Guest Professor Near East University, N Cyprus

    Guest Editor, Education Science Topical Collection on MOOCs

  • I serve as a quality reviewer for ICDE and in close collaboration with EADTU on benchmarking and quality, where I am reviewer for Excellence and OpenupEd (MOOCs).  I am frequently asked as expert and quality reviewer for universities, schools and organisations.
  • I am regularly invited to do keynote presentations at national and international scientific conferences; recent examples include the first and second Annual Conferences on Innovative Learning Spaces, hosted by LUXATIA International.


  • 2017
    Became an Open Education Europa Ambassador
  • 2016
    I was awarded the Open Education Europa Fellowship
  • 2014
    EDEN Fellow
  • 2015
    Open Education Europa Fellowship



  • 2017-

    Guest Professor at Near East University

    N Cyprus
  • xxxx
    University of Art, Craft and Design, Luleå Technical University, Uppsala University, Mid Sweden University, Dalarna University
  • 2000-
    e-learning expert
    Lund University
  • 2012-
    Appointed to the take the initial lead for Lund University to go towards MOOCs, and to investigate in strategic missions on e-learning.
    Lund University


"I hereby certify that Ebba Ossiannilsson participated as part of an external panel of experts in the evaluation of the priority area of e-learning within Mid Sweden University educational strategy. 

Ebba's specific professionalism and capabilities in the field of e-learning has been important for the continued work on the educational strategy and future priorities for the Mid Sweden University."

Mid Sweden University, 2015: Ola Lindberg
“I have worked in close collaboration with Ossiannilsson, first at the benchmarking exercise with EADTU E-xcellence for our Nursing program, at Dalarna University, where Ossiannilsson inspired us to go through the benchmarking quality process and we also got the EADTU Excellence Associates Label in 2012. Besides of inspiring us, she served as an expert and consultant throughout the process. Secondly, and as one result of the benchmarking process Ossiannilsson supported the Nursing program at Dalarna University to develop and conduct a research project of using Open Educational Resourses (OER). The project was funded, and since then we have collaborated closely.

I know that Ossiannilssons research is well respected national and international. She is also frequently invited as a keynote and speaker in e-learning, open education esources and quality assessments in e-learning. Her research has a large international influence and she serves as board member in several associations, as well as Editor and reviewer in international Journals. She has earned fellowship both in EDEN and in Open Educational Europa. I believe that Ossiannilsson will contribute with her knowledge, enthusiasm and power to develop higher education.”
School of Education, health and social studies, department of Nursing Dalarna University, Sweden, 2015: Marie Elf, Associate Professor
“Ossiannilsson was the research leader on behalf of the contractor the European Association for Distance Education (EADTU), for the global overview of quality models, an ICDE supported study. During this work I had close and fruitful collaboration with her and her research team. Ossiannilssons research on quality in open online learning and education is well respected and has an international influence.

Ossiannilsson is responsible, as the Vice President for the Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE), for the Nordic – Baltic (Boldic) ICDE Operational Network. The ICDE Operational Network has been launched in partnership with the African Virtual University, Kenya, Swedish Association for Distance Education, Sweden, The International University UNINETTUNO, Italy and Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia. The purpose of the ICDE Operational Network is to strengthen ICDE as membership driven organization, offer a regional localised support structure, increase global insight and support global knowledge exchange.

Ossiannilsson is recently nominated to serve as Quality reviewer on behalf of ICDE.

In addition to her professional qualities, Ebba Ossiannilsson has strong capacities and capabilities in international cooperation and relations.”
International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), 2015: Gard Titlestad, the Secretary General
“I have worked in close collaboration with Ossiannilsson in the TEL-A, where she has been a valuable contributor. With TEL-A students from all corners of the earth can meet, learn and interact with each other and where upon completion of the program, students create a global network.  TEL-A is driven by this vision and works with education institutions to make this vision a reality for their students.  

TEL-A works across all academic departments, from Education to Agriculture to Law to the Arts and more.  TEL-A enable institutions to make courses available online, but also to train students to be online learners and train your staff to deliver digital pedagogy.

I have also worked with Ossiannilsson within Mentorix Moving Minds and the research and development of the Next Generation Personal learning environment (NGLPLE), EUREKOS. Ossiannilsson has within this work contributed to valuable research and the theoretical foundation of the NGPLE. Recently work by Ossiannilsson, Elkar Erikson and Rung-Hogh was presented at the D4L conference in Aalborg, DK, where Ossiannilsson was the key author of the paper.

Ossiannilsson has a broad and rich research knowledge and experiences in the fields of open online learning and special on quality. She has a large engagement and international network. She is a valuable and trustful resesarch collaborator.”
Tel-A, Chair Mentorix, 2015: Nina Rung, CEO
Ebba Ossiannilsson is an e-learning expert and consultant with a range of research interests in the use of digital technologies for learning, teaching and research.
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