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ISO/TC 176/TF 4 Future concepts in quality management

Together with Tina Bohlin, I participated on behalf of the Swedish Standard Institute, Sweden SIS the ISO/TC 176  Quality management and quality assurance meeting in Ponta Delgada, San Michel; Azores. The ISO meeting took place at the University of Azores during 19 -24th November 2018.

Me and Tina Bohlin, SIS at ISO/TC 176; Ponta Delgada, Azores

As part of the ISO/TC 176 work this year, a task force had been established to explore the future concepts that are needed to take into account for the next round of revisions on standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 9001, due to the emerging global challenges, trends and fast-moving changes in the global environments impact on the used standards over the coming years. 

Ebba Ossiannilsson and och Tina Bohlin participated from SIS. The new group will work on Future Concepts. 35 delegates from 24 countries participated. I was very honored and pleased that I got the opportunity to give a special presentation at the meeting on Global Challenges (megatrends) which have an impact on future standards. There are challenges both for Individuals and societies and related both to Physical environments and Global economy. Ebba Ossiannilssons presentation is available at SIS TK 304s document web page and her own SlideShare.

Ebba Ossiannilsson presenting Global Challenges, ISO/TC 176, Future Concepts

The ISO meeting took place at the University of Azores during 19 -24th November 2018. Besides being the host for the conference, the University of Azores was awarded the ISO 21001:18 certificate on Educational organizations -- Management systems for educational organizations -- Requirements with guidance for use.

University of Azores

The co-convenors, Craig Williams (SC1), Jose Dominguez (SC2) and Stan Karapetrovic (SC3),  led the very productive plenary meeting in November. The ISO/TC 176/TF4 Convener Craig Williams (SC1), facilitated the discussions on Future Concepts during three days with this task force. Potential concepts would be developed in position papers as a vital input to current or future documents within our TC176 family. This activity had a history, as it was done successfully in the past to generate an input to the ISO 9001:2015 work. In 2011, a document was produced by SC2 entitled “An Analysis of Concepts for Consideration in Future ISO/TC 176/SC 2 Work” (see attached N1013). It was determined in the Bali plenary in 2017 that a similar work should be undertaken at the TC 176 level for future consideration for our entire family of documents. The work developed during the plenary in the Azores will continue on until a similar deliverable is completed.

Members of TC 176 Quality management and quality assurance:

In total 122 countries participates in the work with TC 176 Quality management & Quality assurance:
• 94 P (Participating)-members
• 28 O (Observing)-members

Besides those member countries, 17 other ISO Committees participated in the work, as well as 2IEC Committees, and 25 liaison organizations. In detail, all members can be found at the webpage of ISO/TC 176.

TC176/TF (Task Force) 4 Future concepts (Craig Williams, José Domínguez, Stanislav Karapetrovic; en ordförande från varje subcommitté).  

− TC 176/SC2 Quality systems on ISO 9001:
− Leaflet ”Quality Management Principles:
− Guidelines ISO 9001:
− Online Browsing Platform (concepts in standards etc. ): www.iso.orgobp/uiui
− Register and got info from ISO:
− Guidelines and process in ISO work:
− Videos at Youtube om ISO och standardizing

Sete Cidades, San Michele, Azores



Ebba Ossiannilsson och jag har deltagit från Sverige, på plenarmöten och i arbetsgruppen ”Future concepts”, där diskussioner ägt rum om framtida koncepts som bör lyftas in i ISO 9001 och alla övriga kvalitetsstandarder inom TC 176.

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