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Consultation, Services, Research, and Quality Reviews

Quality reviews

I offer external quality reviews for your organizations, or your programs, taking you to an outstanding provider of open online learning and quality

I contribute to several international projects for example the Erasmus+ project DISK, AGILE2VET  and DI4all, and the NORDPLUS projects  Seniors ... and NVL Digital Inclusion


I offer keynotes on the cutting edge of open online learning for international and national conferences


Are you interested to take your staff and organization to the cutting edge of open online learning. I offer workshops for larger or smaller groups within your organization.


Are you interested to take your staff and organization to the cutting edge of open online learning. I offer seminars for larger or smaller groups within your organization.


I offer evaluations of your projects in the areas of open online learning and quality

Quality enhancement

Would you like to take your institution or program to the cutting edge of open online learning. I offer consultancy taking you through the journey of Quality enhancement, and to develop a culture of qulity.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Students today need access to the digital tools and media-rich resources that will help them explore, understand, and express themselves in the world they will inherit tomorrow.” 

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  • What is open online learning?

    The abbreviation OOFAT is a commond description and is interpreted as …open, online, flexible and technology-enhanced learning (OOFAT) , including Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)


  • What is technology enabled learning (TEL)?

    Technology-enabled learning aims to focus on increasing access to quality teaching and learning by supporting policy formulation and innovation in the application of ICT in education, and the development of ICT skills.

    Technology have a transformative effect on teaching and learning, it is necessary to focus on Policy-Technology-Capacity as a triangle and to base practice on research evidence. There is a range of technologies for teaching and learning: online learning, mobile devices, and low-cost technologies such as audio and video, radio and TV.

    Five emerging trends in TEL according to eLearning Industry 2017

    1. The Growing Need For Microlearning
    2. The Explosion Of Growth In Mobile Learning
    3. The Rise Of Real World Learning
    4. The Success Of Gamification
    5. Increasing Collaboration With Social Learning
  • About quality enhancement

    Several definitions of quality enhancement focus on students’ learning. The UK QAA defined Quality enhancement … as an aspect of institutional quality management that is designed to secure, in the context of the constraints within which individual institutions operate, steady, reliable and demonstrable improvements in the quality of learning opportunities. (QAA 2006 Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), 2006, Outcomes from Institutional Audit. Institutions’ Support for e-learning,

  • How to work with me?

    I work on consultancy base and with shorter or longer projects. Together we decide on the conditions and the contract.

    My company is registered for F-TAX (F-skatt)
Ebba Ossiannilsson is an e-learning expert and consultant with a range of research interests in the use of digital technologies for learning, teaching and research.
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