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Merits & Achievements


  • I serve as an executive board member in EDEN, since 2015. I was awarded the EDEN Fellowship in 2014. Since 2018 I am in the Council of Fellows. I am also in EDEN NAP, and served even in the EDEN NAP EC for one period. I am responsible for the EDEN special interest Group on Technology-Enabled/Enhanced learning and quality enhancement (EDEN SIG TEL QE). I serve even as ISO representant for EDEN as well.

  • I serve as a quality reviewer for ICDE and work in close collaboration with EADTU on benchmarking and quality, where I am a reviewer for Excellence and OpenupEd (MOOCs).  I was in the editorial team for both the E-xcellence manual (3rd ed) and the OpenUpEd manual OpenUpEd manual. I was the evaluator for SEQUENT. I previously served as a quality reviewer for EFQUEL and their quality reviews UNIQUe and ECB Check, Quality improvement scheme for e-learning programs. I was one of the founders and reviewers for LANETO eV EPPROBATE e-learning quality grid. I am frequently asked as expert and quality reviewer for universities, schools and organisations.

  • I am the Swedish contact node, for Campus NooA. I also collaborate with EdTech Sweden, and EdTech Industry.

  • I collaborate with ICDE on a variety of tasks and missions: 

           ICDE Executive Committee

    ICDE OER Advocacy Committee

           ICDE Core group Strategy Plan 2020-2023

    ICDE Quality Network

    ICDE Operational Network BOLDIC

  • I work with the ISO, especially on Future Concepts and ISO ISO 21001:2018

  • I work with the Swedish Standard Institute (SIS) on quality related matters and standards on quality, which also is related to ISO.

  • Invited Professor Kaunas Technical University

  • Guest Professor Near East University, N Cyprus

  • I am regularly invited to do keynote presentations at national and international scientific conferences; recent examples include the first and second Annual Conferences on Innovative Learning Spaces, hosted by LUXATIA International.


  • 2019
  • 2018
    EDEN Council of Fellows
  • 2017
    Open Education Europa Ambassador
  • 2017
    ICDE OER Ambassador
  • 2016
  • 2015
    GIZ Ambassador for Quality in Digital Learning
  • 2014
    EDEN Fellow