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December 2020

Ebba Ossiannilsson

2020 - The new normal, the next normal and resilience

This year 2020 has been another horrible and illusory year. I do not know the last time I saw so many publications, blogposts and conferences dedicated to this year of the pandemic. Now at the end of ... read more..

Ebba Ossiannilsson

Conferences and contributions Autumn 2020, Some samples

 A sample of conferences and contributions during 2020. My presentations are available at SlideShare 15 - 16 December 2020 4th Teacher Subject Forum 2020  Ministry of Education Un read more..

Ebba Ossiannilsson

OEB2020 part 2

This is the second part of the Blog from OEB2020. Read the first part here where I wrote shortly about our contributions from ICDE the 4th December 2020 we had a session at OEB2020 ... read more..

Ebba Ossiannilsson


This autumn 2020 has been extremely busy, with a lot of contributions  at conferences, keynotes and publications on demand. Unfortunately I havent´even had a chance to catch up with everything. A... read more..

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