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March 2018

Ebba Ossiannilsson

Mind the gap

Educational institutions  are facing many challenges ahead. To be in the forefront, which is one of the mainroles for unviversities, both when it comes to teaching, learning, and research, but al... read more..

Ebba Ossiannilsson

CSEDU 2018, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

CSEDU has become a an annual meeting plece for presenting and discussing learning paradigms, best practices, and case studies that concern innovative computer-supported learning strategies, web-based ... read more..

Ebba Ossiannilsson

Blockchain in education

On the  22nd November 2017, and on the 6th January 2018 I wrote a blog post on Blockchain in Education, this is a follow up to that one. So what does the Blockchain actually do:A global net... read more..

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Ebba Ossiannilsson is an e-learning expert and consultant with a range of research interests in the use of digital technologies for learning, teaching and research.
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