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Conferences and contributions Autumn 2020, Some samples

 A sample of conferences and contributions during 2020. My presentations are available at SlideShare

15 - 16 December 2020 4th Teacher Subject Forum 2020  Ministry of Education United Arab Emirates, Will give a keynote

 2 -4 December 2020 OEB2020 The UNESCO OER Recommendation: Opportunity and Challenges, Panels and Discussions 4 December 2020

25 November 2020 ICDE Presidents' Forum 2020' Forum 2020. Hosted the event for Europe and Middle East

23 -24 November 2020 Internetdagarna 2020 
TransformationDay tillika vårt spår Accelerera och skala upp digital transformation på Internetdagarna. Srockholm Sammanställning av hela dagen inklusive presentationer att ta del av här: 

19 November 2020 Kommunikationsdagen JKPG 2020 Jönkping

17 November 2020 ICDE Satellie Engagment Event, Swedish Association for Distance Education,  Strong Leadership: For Resilient Sustainable Education and to empower strong student ownership for learning

16 November 2020 Launch of ICoBC

11 November 2020 2nd International Congress on Teaching Innovation and Research in Higher Education: Advancing in the Areas of Knowledge,  2nd International Congress on Teaching Innovation and Research in Higher Education: Advancing in the Areas of Knowledge,  Madrid, my presentation on Quality in open online learning. 
Time for a new quality agenda  

9  – 10 November Digitalize in Stockholm

1- 10 Novmber 2020 World Science Summit from Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week 

2 -9 November 2020 EDEN EODLW2020, Moderated two events and presented at one 5 November 2020 ICDE Global Outlook to OER: What’s on the calendar and how to engage?

2 -4 November 2020 mLearn 2020 19th World Conference on Mobile, Blended and Seamless Learning, Cairo, Egypt, 4 November 2020 The futures of education a matter of human rights and social justice: transformation and sustainability

16 -17 October 2020 Near East University, Conference on Narratives in online learning, my presentation on From respons to reimagining – creating positive sustainable change for the futures of education

12 -14 October 2020 UNESCO Mobile Learning Week

7 - 9 October 2020 NU2020 Stockholm

2 October 2020 Digital@idag 2020 Stokholm

30 September - 1 October 2020 Nya Vägar för flexibilitet i högre utbildning, Stockholm

18 September 2020 The Futures of Education, Swedish Association for Distance Education

19 September 2020 Emerging Technological Trends in Education Post Lockdown School of Education, G D Goenka University Gurugram India

21 August 2020 OER forum at the 2020 Global Smart Education Conference, OER for Inclusive Education the European Perspective

7 -9 August 2020 MMVC2020 The new normal, post COVID-19

18 July 2020 University of mumbai,institute of distance and open learning on its celebrations of 50th foundation, Chief Guest speech 18 July2020 at the 24TH IDEA NATIONAL CONFERENCE on Emerging Perspectives of Open and Distance Learning.

1 July 2020 OpenEducation 4 a BetterWorld (OE4BW2020,  Implementation of OER to reach the SDGs



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