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This autumn 2020 has been extremely busy, with a lot of contributions  at conferences, keynotes and publications on demand. Unfortunately I havent´even had a chance to catch up with everything. Anyway the latest one OEB2020, will be in two postsI thus therefor deciced just to list some of the mor important contrivbutions, not at , as there are so much to tell abot it. least for myslelf trying  to get some overview of actriviteies during  this exceptional Autumn 2020. and maybe trying to summarize the outcome and impact. However, I will like to catch up.

4 December 2020 we had a session with ICDE on OEB2020 The UNESCO OER Recommendation: Opportunity and Challenges, with ICDE including the OERAC. A more comprehensive report from the OEB2020 will follow in part two of this post.

In this workshop we from the ICDE will present the UNESCO OER Recommendation and discuss key ongoing initiatives to support its implementation from the ICDE OER Francophone Africa working group, capacity building activities and project. In addition, we will go into findings and recommendations for the way forward based on the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee Survey. Finally, Participants will be invited to interact with international experts on opportunities and challenges of the OER UNESCO Recommendation in the context of COVID-19. My Slides are availble here  
OEB 2020 was Held Virtually for 5 Days. In 2020, The OEB Global Virtual Experience creates new ways to learn, be inspired, engage, share, collaborate, meet and network online. A unique conference programme fosters exchange on the most important developments and trends that shape the future of learning in the corporate, education and public service sectors. Over 130 sessions offered delegates the chance to take part in an entire week of knowledge sharing. All sessions will be available on demand for 3 months after the event.



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