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Develop a Culture of Change

During the last two years with the pandemic and Covid-19 as well as the newly outbreak of Omnicron



A critical synthesis of research literature on the process of organizational change at the institutional level is needed because higher education is being asked to be responsive to an ever-changing environment. 

The 4M framework (Table 1. is useful because it focuses on the different levels in an organization and stimulates thinking beyond the boundaries of a particular context.
Table 1.
Levels category used by Friberg.
Development outside the institution
The influence of this level may come from legislation or other forms of policy, or from discursive pressures through debates instigated by various stakeholders, or from other institutions, league tables and many other sources. It is important to keep in mind that the institution also influences the mega-level.
Macro-development at the institutional level
Changes at this level often involve formal leaders with specific responsibilities or deans and vice-chancellors who are responsible for an entire organization.
Meso-development at the departmental level.
This may involve the development of a department, but also teaching and learning systems, disciplinary communities, micro-cultures, or networks of individuals who matter to each other.
Micro-development at the individual level
Individuals can develop for many reasons: from experience, from observing students, from consulting a developer, from participating in projects, from responding to a policy or legislation, from exploring new technologies, and many others.

With case studies, teaching questions, tools for change, and a greater focus on scaling change, this monumental new edition offers updated content and new insights into understanding, leading, and implementing change. Kezar acknowledges that internal and external conditions shape and frame change processes. He presents an overarching practical toolkit-a framework for analyzing change as well as a set of theoretical perspectives on how to apply that framework to customize a change process, regardless of the organizational challenge or context. How Colleges Change is an indispensable resource for aspiring and practicing college leaders, higher education practitioners, scholars, faculty, and staff who want to drive change in their own institutions.


Friberg, J. (2016). Might the 4M Framework Support SoTL Advocacy? 

Kezar, A. (2018). How Colleges Change. Understanding, leading and enacting change. (2nd

edition). London: Routledge.

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REK Tankesmedja Framtidens lärande 1 oktober 2019

REKs tankesmedja om framtidens lärande hölls online i ZOOM den 1 oktober, arrangerad av Ebba Ossiannilsson. Inledningstalare var Jannie Jeppesen som inledde med att tala under temat Gammel-IT, kompetens och incitament för investeringar. I SIS Magasinet våren 2019 (s 44-46) är Jannie intervjuad, vilket föranledde inbjudan till inledning av dagens tankesmedja och betonar att med AI och ökad digitalisering finns mer tid att lära. Hon poängterar även att det krävs internationella gångbara standarder för att automatisera dataflöden

Jannie Jeppesen är VD på Swedish Edtech Industry,branschorganisationen för edtechbolag. Edtech står för utbildningsteknologi.

En kort sammanfattning från Jannie Jeppesen om hennes inlägg för vidare diskussion:

Utbildningsteknologi har alltid varit en drivkraft i skapandet av nya möjligheter för lärande. Från skriftspråket och pennan via Gutenbergs tryckpress till samtidens digitalisering. Idag är edtech en av de fem snabbaste tillväxtmarknaderna globalt. Automatiseringen ställer nya krav på kompetenser och arbetsgivare måste snabbt ställa om sin kompetens, detta ställer i sin tur frågor till det etablerade utbildningssystemet. Jannie kommer att lyfta edtechs möjligheter och utmaningar ur flera perspektiv och ge en exposé av de problem edtech är med och löser. Förutsättningar och hinder för att utvinna möjligheter och potential av AI och andra teknologier tas upp, ”gammel-it”, kompetens och incitament för investeringar.

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Invited talks

Invited talks

Here are some examples of my invited talks/keynotes and presentations

Invited Talks

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Scientific Journals (Ed. Board)

Scientific Journals (Ed. Board)

Here are some examples of Scientific Journals (where I am in the Ed. Board)

Scientific Journals (Ed. Board)

Title Author/Institute
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education Read more
IJILT - Special Issue on Learning Analytics External link
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE) Read more
Smart Learning Environments External link
Educational Science Topical Collection "Massive Open Online Courses" External link
EURODL, the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning External link
Journal of Educational Technology and Online Learning (JETOL) External link
International Research Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy (IRJCP) External link
Journal of Computer Science Research External link

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Merits & Achievements

Merits & Achievements


  • I serve as executive board member

    I serve as an executive board member in EDEN, since 2015. I was awarded the EDEN Fellowship in 2014. Since 2018 I am in the Council of Fellows. I am also in EDEN NAP, and served even in the EDEN NAP EC for one period. I am responsible for the EDEN special interest Group on Technology-Enabled/Enhanced learning and quality enhancement (EDEN SIG TEL QE). I serve even as ISO representant for EDEN as well.

  • I serve as a quality reviewer

    I serve as a quality reviewer for ICDE and work in close collaboration with EADTU on benchmarking and quality, where I am a reviewer for Excellence and OpenupEd (MOOCs).  I was in the editorial team for both the E-xcellence manual (3rd ed) and the OpenUpEd manual OpenUpEd manual. I was the evaluator for SEQUENT. I previously served as a quality reviewer for EFQUEL and their quality reviews UNIQUe and ECB Check, Quality improvement scheme for e-learning programs. I was one of the founders and reviewers for LANETO eV EPPROBATE e-learning quality grid. I am frequently asked as expert and quality reviewer for universities, schools and organisations.

  • I am the Swedish contact node for Camus NooA

    I am the Swedish contact node, for Campus NooA. I also collaborate with EdTech Sweden, and EdTech Industry.

  • I collaborate with

    I collaborate with ICDE on a variety of tasks and missions: 

           ICDE Executive Committee

    ICDE OER Advocacy Committee

           ICDE Core group Strategy Plan 2020-2023

    ICDE Quality Network

    ICDE Operational Network BOLDIC

  • Guest Ed Editor

  • I work with the ISO, especially on Future Concepts and ISO ISO 21001:2018

    I work with the ISO, especially on Future Concepts and ISO ISO 21001:2018

  • I work with the Swedish Standard Institute (SIS)

    I work with the Swedish Standard Institute (SIS) on quality related matters and standards on quality, which also is related to ISO.

  • Invited Professor Kaunas Technical University

    Invited Professor Kaunas Technical University

  • Guest Professor Near East University, N Cyprus

    Guest Professor Near East University, N Cyprus

  • I am regularly invited

    I am regularly invited to do keynote presentations at national and international scientific conferences; recent examples include the first and second Annual Conferences on Innovative Learning Spaces, hosted by LUXATIA International.


  • 2019


  • 2018

    EDEN Council of Fellows

  • 2017

    Open Education Europa Ambassador
  • 2017

    ICDE OER Ambassador
  • 2016

  • 2015

    GIZ Ambassador for Quality in Digital Learning
  • 2014

    EDEN Fellow

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