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You matter

You Matter, more than you think

You Matter, more than you think, is a crucial core value for a change. All change starts with you. Your values, your attitudes, and your mind are the starting point for change. You can not just wait for someone else to get started, or for a policy or strategy to effect change. Making a difference requires a change in culture and systems to bring about truly sustainable change.

You have to be the change and to design the change and lead with change

Leadership is critical to change and transformation because it starts with culture. It takes a lot of courage and creativity to challenge old patterns, systems, and paradigms. But you can also learn that you can train that courage. It is critical to be trained to be a values-based leader who is able to activate the agency and potential of the people around you to develop transformative solutions. The narratives we create make a difference, and this is where you matter more than you think. So how you design projects that solve problems, change cultures and systems, and bring to life what people really care about matters. It is critical to use common, powerful language to change disempowering conversations and narratives and develop a network of deep, value-based partnerships for results. It is also important to implement solutions in ways that create and support new patterns for thriving futures.

In times of crisis, profound questions arise, and deep down we all have an idea of what is important. For many people, it is important to be alive, to feel connected, and to feel that we matter and that our lives have meaning. We share an innate longing for justice, dignity, compassion, and love." - You are more important than you think, (Karen O'Brien, 2022. p.2).

You Matter More Than You Think is part of an initiative we call The Quantum Leap Initiative. The goal is to create a space for new conversations and to support and inspire practices and paradigms that create transformative change.