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The Annual OEB Conference took place 1-3 Decmber 2021 in Berlin, as usuallay, excdept for last year 2020. This years (2021) theme were on Shaping the Future of Education. Diverse, Collaborative, Transformative

You can find all speakers’ presentations submitted to the conference team in the online resource library.

Prior to the OEB21 Conference I was interviewed by ELM Magazine and the titel was Open Online Education Ensures Education for All. Even Dr Andreas Rambow gav his insights. This was my initial words

The only way to reach the goal of providing education for all is to go for open education, argues Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson. For over 20 years she has been a researcher, advocate and ambassador of open and distance learning. To her, learning and education are human rights and providing them to everyone is about democracy and social justice.

For the twitch towards open education to happen, a comprehensive systemic change in the global education system needs to be made.

While digital transformation has changed the way we live, work, communicate, spend time and the way we learn, most businesses have changed their business models to fit the digital era, but education has not, argues Ossiannilsson.

“Education seems to be the only business that has resistance to all the new things happening.”

This article was written by OEB21 media partner ELM Magazine editor, Anne Tastula. It was first published on the ELM website as part of the theme issue covering learning resilience. This articel can also be read at ICDE webpage

In addition, i had a presentation on The New Normal is about Resilience, Sustainability, and the Social Contract,The presenation can be found and downloaded at SlideShare. The  was very much appreciated, and some participants said it was the best session and the only discussing about the future.

Of course iOEB21 was COVID-19 Adapted to a very high extent with COCID Certifications, tests, social distance and very good hygien. Everything was very well prepareed in that respect.