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Here, I will discuss topics, and current trends on open, online, flexible and technology enabled/enhanced learning (OOFAT), including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Open Educational resourses (OER), Open Educational Practice (OEP, and Open Educational Culture (OEC). In addition I will discuss current trends and news related to quality, innovation, serendipity, rhizome learning, agility, and leadership.

  • Ebba Ossiannilsson

Mötesplats OER Nationell konferens 25 november 2021

Den 25 november 2021 arrangerade Mötesplats OER en nationell konferens för beslutsfattare inom fre kultur och utbildningssektorn för att uppmärksamma tvåårsdagen den 25 nov 2019 av att UNESCO OER-rekommendation (Open Educational Resources)  för implementering dvs och allas rätt till kvalitativt livslångt lärande, enhälligt  antogs av samtliga medlemsländer, även Sverige. Konferensen samlade drygt ett 40 tal delegater och var synnerligen uppskattad och lärorik för deltagarna, som uttryckte att den här typen av konferenser och mötesplatser behöver anordnas så mycket mer. De gav även uttryck för att det var ena v de bättres och mer interaktiva konferensen de deltagit på online. VI nyttjade bla Menti och Padlet för interaktion och heal konferensen dokumenterades i Padlet. Här kan man läsa mer om konferensen, dess program mm.  Här kan dokumentation från hela konferens återfinnas

Om Mötesplats OER

Mötesplats OER är både ett nätverk och fysiska träffar som drivs av den ideella föreningen Wikimedia Sverige (WMSE).

Vad är OER?

Open educational resources, förkortat OER, är det som på svenska kallas öppna lärresurser. Det handlar om lärmaterial som kan användas fritt av vem som helst av oss, för att planera eller genomföra undervisning. Resurserna ska alltså vara släppta under fri licens, till exempel creative commons.

Här kan man läsa mer om Mötesplats OER

Delta i nätverket!

Vår Facebookgrupp

Med i nätverket är bland annat:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Wikimedia Sverige
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ICDE OER Advocacy Committee och Svenska Riksorganisationen för Distansutbildning (SVERD)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Stockholms Universitet
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Riksantikvarieämbetet
Pontus Juth, Södertörns högskola
Jörg Pareigis, Karlstads universitet

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  • Ebba Ossiannilsson

OERcamp.global 2021 – an Unconference on OER 9-11 December 2021

OERcamp.global took place in a format called ‘BarCamp’. This unconference format invited everyone to contribute to the programme. It’s an open and participatory event, made of user-generated workshop events. The opening session of OERcamp.global started on 9 December 2021 at 1 pm UTC. We had 48 hours of sessions and plenary hours so that everyone could choose the time of the day (or night) to participate in the event. OERcamp.global comprised 114 sessions from 186 speakers. 79 sessions and 11 keynotes have been recorded. There were 1089 registrations from 87 different countries. The session hosts provide videos, slides, etc. via Sched. Videos from the keynote talks are published on this playlist on YouTube

Read also another post I wrote about #OERcamp partly published by ICDE. See slides here from the keynote session.

During the OERcamp I had two sessions, one keynote on OER-a a new social contract for learning throughout the lifespan. See also the presentation at SlideShare. I also presented the ICDE ENCORE+ and the ICDE Francophone project (LIDAfr)

My other session was with Christian Stracke and Ramesh Sharma on A Global Study on Macro, Meso, and Micro aspects of Open Education due to the COVID-19. See the recording here OERCampGlobal-A Global Study of Macro, Meso and Micro aspects of Open Education due to COVID-19 and the slides here

Why an OERcamp.global?

Let’s celebrate OER! Let’s share our knowledge, experience, and resources! Let’s get to know each other, as individuals, as organizations, globally! Let’s talk about our projects, our aims, our hopes, and also about our doubts and challenges.

OER is all about sharing – and why should we stop at geographical borders? We gathered for a 48-hour unconference with practitioners, activists, scientists, OER, and novices from around the globe. 

All areas from the UNESCO OER Recommendation was covered during the OERcamp Global 2021

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  • Ebba Ossiannilsson

Develop a Culture of Change

In the last two years with the pandemic and COVID-19 and the new outbreak of Omicron, it has been terrible times. It has led to lockdowns around the world that have shaken education and society. Young children and students, in particular, have had to and continue to bear the burden of private isolation, school closures, and lack of social contact. During this time, the entire education system was questioned. Questions have been raised about the role of education and the values and promises on which our current education system is based. There are urgent calls for transformation and cultural change as already existing problems in the education system became visible and surfaced due to the pandemic. Quality in universities has been practiced around the world for a long time. In the face of COVID -19, they are faced with being seen as outdated, obsolete, or irrelevant as the entire role of universities is questioned. There is therefore also an urgent need to rethink what a university might mean by quality of impact, outcomes, satisfaction, sustainability, resilience, changing core values, and digital transformation. Issues of health and wellbeing have become an indicator of quality. So it's time to drive sustainable improvement in organizational performance and health. Organizational change at the institutional level is necessary because education must respond to an ever-changing environment. It is time to develop a future-proof organization with a culture that can sustain superior performance.

Change is often best achieved through the convergence of bottom-up (grassroots initiatives; likely faculty in higher education) and top-down (individuals in positions of power; administration). This model outlines three phases of culture change that are not necessarily linear (Kezar, 2013):

  • Mobilize - developing initial awareness of the need for change (data); creating a vision; mobilizing support for change through discussion; mobilizing leadership and collective action.
  • Implement - selecting strategies; piloting projects; changing policies, processes, and structures; professional development; evaluating and refocusing results; celebrating successes; scaling up or down
  • Institutionalize - disseminate results; review; commit; follow-through

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  • Ebba Ossiannilsson

ICoBC Symposium from Theory to Reality, 2021

The first ICoBC Symposium was held on the 30th of November 2021 in Berlin, Germany, around the topic from theory to reality. This day-long symposium was focusing on sharing digital credential uses cases and successful implementations of digital credential frameworks. The symposium brought together thought leaders, employers, associations and non-profits, higher education institutions, government representatives, and technology solution providers.

On the 16th of December, 2021 a workshop session was held where we talked about "creating a permeable #occupation #ecosystem across UN&IOs with bridges to formal #education".

I have worked with the ICoBC on a taxonomy and Quality Grid for Micr-Credentials. 23/09/2021: The ICoBC Taxonomy, Quality Criteria, and Quality Grid, authored by our Quality Committee, has been released . Please access it here. Follow ICoBC at LinkedIn

Raed more here about the ICoBC Symposium, and see the program here 

Read more about the ICoBC here

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  • Ebba Ossiannilsson


The Annual OEB Conference took place 1-3 Decmber 2021 in Berlin, as usuallay, excdept for last year 2020. This years (2021) theme were on Shaping the Future of Education. Diverse, Collaborative, Transformative

You can find all speakers’ presentations submitted to the conference team in the online resource library.

Prior to the OEB21 Conference I was interviewed by ELM Magazine and the titel was Open Online Education Ensures Education for All. Even Dr Andreas Rambow gav his insights. This was my initial words

The only way to reach the goal of providing education for all is to go for open education, argues Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson. For over 20 years she has been a researcher, advocate and ambassador of open and distance learning. To her, learning and education are human rights and providing them to everyone is about democracy and social justice.

For the twitch towards open education to happen, a comprehensive systemic change in the global education system needs to be made.

While digital transformation has changed the way we live, work, communicate, spend time and the way we learn, most businesses have changed their business models to fit the digital era, but education has not, argues Ossiannilsson.

“Education seems to be the only business that has resistance to all the new things happening.”

This article was written by OEB21 media partner ELM Magazine editor, Anne Tastula. It was first published on the ELM website as part of the theme issue covering learning resilience. This articel can also be read at ICDE webpage

In addition, i had a presentation on The New Normal is about Resilience, Sustainability, and the Social Contract, The presenation can be found and downloaded at SlideShare. The  was very much appreciated, and some participants said it was the best session and the only discussing about the future.

Of course iOEB21 was COVID-19 Adapted to a very high extent with COCID Certifications, tests, social distance and very good hygien. Everything was very well prepareed in that respect.

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Ebba Ossiannilsson is an e-learning expert and consultant with a range of research interests in the use of digital technologies for learning, teaching and research.
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