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How Corona/Covid19 changed education, learning and work

The spread of the corona virus has affected colleges and universities around the globe, affecting the way campuses function, how faculty teach, and how staff and students travel. In this evolving situation, things are changing rapidly and there is a lot at stake.  


Many countries have already closed their university campuses, and all teaching will now take place at distance and online until further notice. In my own country Sweden some universities have already from this week /12) gone online due to the Corona/Covid 19 as for example Malmö University, and Kristianstad University Colleage, and most institutions around tbe world are now preparing for a possible closure. In Denmark Schools and Universities were alrady closed down from 11 March 2020. In Finland it will be the same from 17 March and onwards. In most of the countries in Europe it will be the same.
This is an unprecedented step and an opportunity for all teachers to gain experience in online teaching. The challenge is to provide the right level of support and advice to teachers who are new to the field and to help them to provide a sufficiently good online experience without risking confusion, frustration and stress. Many researcher and academics in the field of open and distance education have the last couple of days shared their experiences and knowledge on how to go online. Several sources are already out there. I have myself written two blogposts for SADE, the Swedish Associaton for Distance Education (in Swedish)  SVERD/SADE följer utvecklingen av Corona /Covid 19 utbrottet, and Att lägga om utbildning till distans/online/nätbaserad utbildning
Below I have just selected a few articles/blogs/videos/ resources that I found particularly useful and point you in the right direction for a digital transformation and advises when going online,a dn to care about quality and self-determinated learning. At The Swedish Association for Distnace Education /SADE I have collected a comprehensive lsit of various resoursws both in Swedish and English, The site is SVERD_Corona #learningtogether (online resources)


Handbook on Facilitating Flexible Learning During Educational Disruption

As COVID-19 continues spreading in many countries of the world, how to keep learning in disruption has become a major challenge to the global education community. As stated by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay: “We are entering uncharted territory and working with countries to find hi-tech, low-tech and no-tech solutions to assure the continuity of learning.”

In this regard, UNESCO IITE is joining forces with UNESCO INRULED for a new Handbook on Flexible Learning during COVID-19 and released a special publication entitled “Handbook on Facilitating Flexible Learning During Educational Disruption: The Chinese Experience in Maintaining Undisrupted Learning in COVID-19 Outbreak”.

Publication is available here

OECD OECD Education and Skills Today

A helping hand: Education responding to the coronavirus pandemic

Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

Keeping the doors of learning open COVID-19

Technology makes learning truly meaningful. Doesn’t matter whatever condition or crisis we are in, we can keep ourselves in learning if we use technologies meaningfully and continue our teaching-learning staying at home. Let’s not allow Corona to stop us from learning! The Webinar on 30th March (31st March in Asia Africa and oceanian region) will give us an understanding on the essentiality of OER in TEL implementation. Register soon – it’s free.
Link to register:

Some guidelines to consider include:

  1. Institutions should take emergency policy decisions to adopt alternative ways of teaching, including online learning.
  2. Ensure that learning is delivered using ICT tools such as radio, TV, mobile devices so that no learner is disadvantaged.
  3. Identify and use existing OER to provide quality learning.
  4. Develop and implement strategies for synchronous/asynchronous approaches.
  5. Encourage teachers to use free resources such as MoodleCloud to conduct online classes.

ICDE, International Council for Open and Distance Education

ICDE CORONA #Learningtogether

Facing the corona virus outbreak, more than ever open, distance and online teaching is needed. Join us in our efforts to help educators succeed through the crisis.


EADTU joining forces in organising online teaching; bringing together the basics and expertise in online education, useful resources and free (live) webinars, seminars and course

Moving HE teaching online – a group for educators everywhere (please share with your networks) ONEHE

LinkedIn grupp ONEHE

Om att lägga om utbildning till distans/online/nätbaserad utbildning (in Swedish)
Hjälp till skolor att bedriva undervisning online (in Swedish)

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