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Quality review at University Terbuka, Indonesia, 2019

On December 8-13, 2019, I worked as a quality reviewer on behalf of ICDE for University Terbuka (UT), Indonesia. For me, it was the second time, as I was there in February 2016 as well. For University Terbuka (UT) it was the fourth time (2005, 2010, 2016, and now in 2019). The review team on behalf of the  ICDE were Professor, Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, Sweden (more responsible for the report), Professor, Dr. Alan Tait, United Kingdom (Chair), and Profesor, Dr., Shironica Karunanayaka, Sri Lanka.

The core management team for the ICDE review at UT and the ICDE reviewers, 2019

Universitas Terbuka (hereafter UT), Indonesia, Open University, Indonesia provides opportunities for anyone interested in advancing their professional lives through the improvement of their knowledge, skills, and competencies. UT is an advanced and
innovative University using a variety of technologies and media to deliver academic and vocational programs of study at the tertiary level to Indonesians spread all over the more than 17,000 islands of the Republic of Indonesia. UT is a large and complex open university or a mega university with an enrollment of 350 000 students (2019). UT makes up a represents one of the significant contributions to innovation in contemporary modern Indonesian higher education. Universitas Terbuka has the requirements from the Government to enroll over 1 million students and to act as a Cyber University, as well as being an international leading University in the forefront, acting for the global challenges.
Based on the related documents for the quality review, the site visit, the contacts and interviews with staff, students and alumni at UT, the reviewers recommend that ICDE issue Universitas Terbuka the ICDE Quality Certificate. 


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