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Yoga Games Malmö 2019

This year I visited again the Yoga Games in Malmö, arranged for the second time. So the first year in Malmö was in 2018. Yoga Games 2018

Yoga Games - the Nordic Yoga Conference started in Malmö with great success in 2018 and 2019. A part of the event is a large Marketplace where companies get the opportunity to showcase and market their brands and products. The Marketplace is free and open to the public.

About 40 companies have a stand at the Yoga Games Marketplace. As a visitor, you get the opportunity to meet well-known companies and brands from the health and wellness industry. In most booths, you will also be able to buy products.

Even this year there was a huge variety of classes and well recognized international yoga teachers. Just to mention the classes, with the teachers I attended,  Kundalini yoga with Gong, with Ulrika Liard Wedin; Pathways to Visvamitrasana, Henrik Schmidt; Flower if Power, Rusty Wells; The Diverse Romance, Amir Jaan, nad  Sweet Surrender with Michael James Wong. Michaels class was just magic with the mantras on: 

IKE - Be Real
KALA - Be Limitless
MAKIA - Be Free
MANUWA - Be Present
ALOHA - Be Happy
MANA - Be Powerful
PONO - Be Truth





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