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TIBL Teacher training event in Seville, Spain 9-13 May 2018

The European project Technology Innnovation in Blended  Learning  (TIBL) held its first techer training event in Seville, Spain 9-13 May 2018. The project coordinator hosted the event. All parnters were represented and some had several participants as it was a teacher traing event.

 Partners in the project are:

  • The applicant SAFA Coordinator ( Seville) is an important Spanish school foundation focusing on school and vocational education, Coordinator Carlos Guerrero Herrero Dirección Central SAFA Departamento de Formación Profesional 
  • EFQBL is a VET and trainers education organisation Austria Wiener Neustadt
  • DigiLab from the University La Sapienza Rome Italy
  • University of Aveiro south of Porto Portugal are specialised in innovation in technology enhanced training and the related pedagogy.
  • Swedish Association Distance Education SADE is a specialist in Distance Learning and quality enhancement frameworks.

The main intellectual outcomes (IO) for the projct were of course in focus 

  • Trainer’s Toolbox & MOOC
  • Transferability guide and Evaluation Guide
  • Pilot courses (dock inte finansierade)
  •  teacher training eventet diskuterades

The aims of the teaching activities were discussed and the themes were on Quality frameworks, Pedagogical frameworks, Multiply devises and usability, and Digital competences, 21st century competences and the DigCompEdu framework by JRC

Furthermore, folllowing issues were elaborted and discussed; Knowledge transfer on transnational level and between the participating organisations, and experience of CVET courses in the relevant environments (formal & non-formal); Defining guidelines to create the pilot courses. Homogenization of the quality enhancement framework with the EQAVET indicators; and Development of competences in learner-centered training and the heutagogical approach

 During the training session Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos from JRC was invited to shared their work on the frameworks on opening up education

Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos from JRC presentation can be viewed here  Going Open: Leveraging Open Education to Enhance Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

I had several presentations myself on pedagogical frameworks, including heutogogy, quality fraemwork and 21st century competences and DigCompEdu framework by JRC.  My presentations can be viewed and downloaded from my Slideshare

Next memeting will be in Lund, Sweden, hosted by SSADE and Ebba Ossiannilsson, VP SADE

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