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The interesting conference OE4BW EDUSCOPE 2020 took place online 29 June -  2 July 2020.

I have myself have been mentor for the SDG7HUB iEnergy Open Library, a very interesting project led by Mojca Drevensek. 

The iEnergy Open Library will integrate many of the existing energy literacy materials produced by the EN-LITE Society and partner organisation to create a digital, smart and open library. It will allow users to find energy-related OER by choosing the energy literacy essential principles, fields of knowledge, energy-related content, and other relevant dimensions the library users are interested in. The Open Library is designed openly so that other energy-related, SDG7-supporting OER developers will be able to join the platform with their resources.

I had several presenations myself, I was doing a keynote 30 June, A presntation for the SDG7HUB 30 June, a Mentor presentation  1 July 2020, and a testimonal for the project.

The presentations were entitled and are all availble at my SlideShare

30 June Open Education, OER and quality related considerations


1 July 2020 Implementation of OER to reach the SDGs

The leading Slovenian online information portal Montel energetika.NET published an article about our successful yesterday's event.

The English version of the article is freely avilable here:

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